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Assassin’s Creed meme - four otps/brotps (3/4)Altair and Maria

Even if our threads get dropped, the relationship built between our muses doesn’t go away

I’m terrible for losing muse for a thread, and a lot of my threads don’t get finished. But that doesn’t mean I don’t want to rp anymore, or that any relationship between our muses is for nothing.

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"I thought you’d rather help me than get caught with dead bodies around you." She huffed, dragging another body into the alley. Turning on her heel, she jumped back against the wall, not expecting him so close. Brushing that off, she gave a small smile. "Ah- I had a feeling you weren’t like these scum."


"I wasn’t planning on interfering with your mission, but I got sidetracked."

While with their commonalities cleared yet another type of displeasure overcame him, not her faint smile could lighten it when he wasn’t in any mood to let it.

      You shouldn’t have, he said, though he bit his tongue to say that she shouldn’t be out at all if she couldn’t be trusted the keep her focus, And if you didn’t you wouldn’t have to worry about being caught with dead bodies now.

Alas Altair had no desire to be caught himself and grabbed one of them lying limply by his arm and pulled him a short bit past the corner.

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On how I play my character, my writing, anything. Anonymous or not.

It's a dream~
Send "It's a dream!" to have my muse's reaction to waking up from a nightmare next to yours

The cold damp on his skin that welcomed him back to consciousness in the depth of the night as unwelcoming as it was did at first little to calm the fast drumming in his chest, only slowly let him know that the threats from his dreams had in the end not followed him into the waking world. More so did the feminine voice next to him, however.

The circumstances had laid Altair and the young woman, who was yet hardly more than a fleeting acquaintance, on simple cots next to one another for the night. Somehow she had him climb back to composure more quickly and suddenly than he’d been able to before, not lastly for him hating to see himself exposed like this. He could only look at her without a word, a short moment that seemed longer to him than the brief gaze it was, while his face was still paler in the darkness of the chamber than by day when he turned back over, his back to her and attempted to go back to sleep quickly. Grant him the grace to steer clear of another nightmare for the time he had before starting a new day.


"I am part of an Order." She mused, checking behind her shoulder before begining to drag the bodies into the nearest alley, sure to hide her tracks. "Now if you don’t mind- I could use some help."


      You waltz in and nearly break my neck, and now I’m supposed to help you clean up?

Though what really bothered him was another answer lacking. He didn’t have any doubt now that she was telling the truth about her business here. So with the next question he found it safe enough to give himself away in it. He’d followed a step or two of hers, just into the alleyway though and not, at least yet, helping with the cleaning, with his eyes again drawn tighter on her while this time not looking at a complete stranger, the gun was lowered finally.

      You’d have an explanation as for why I wasn’t told you’d be here, then?